Welcome to the BMD Haulage family

The UK`s number one family run haulage firm.

Meet the Family

BMD Haulage Ltd. A family run business, run by an actual family. Dorel and Irina Badea.

About Us

BMD Haulage Ltd was first established in 2015 by husband and wife team Dorel and Irina. Coming from a previous haulage company in Europe, Dorel has over 25yrs experience and is well versed in the industry, and with Irina, an accountant by trade at his side the business has grown from strength to strength. Find out more below, or click on our contact page

Meet the team

Currently with a team of 15 drivers working up to 15 trucks 24/7 as well as the admin team in the office, the team is always growing.

All of our trucks are ready for any kind of work and we have a total of 15 trucks available at any time of the day!
New Trucks have arrived!
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At BMD Haulage we pride ourselves on having some of the best trucks in the business. We go out of our way to make sure our trucks are not only up to date with the latest equipment, but serviced and maintained by the best in the business. Case in point, we get all our tyres from Paul Worrall of All Road Tyres, one of the best in the industry and a recognized supplier.
Dorel Badea