The fleet has Curtain side Trailers and Tiper Trailers. All can fit 28 tones of materials as requested by our customers.

We are proud with our new Scania trucks!

While solving the skills shortage is an industry-wide problem, the ability to retain the most knowledgeable, most competent and most experienced drivers is what makes one company stand out from another. So how does BMD Haulage, keep its most precious resource happy?

Dorel Badea, BMD Haulage’s director explains, “We’re a family-run business and employ a dedicated fleet of drivers, many of whom have been with us for a long time. We look after them by giving them the best tools to work with. All of our vehicles now meet Euro standards for example, and all of them are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking equipment. While it’s true that hauliers do work long hours but we try to ensure that they have a good work-life balance enabling them to spend quality time with their families. We know how important that is for a long-distance lorry driver.”

A small part of our team

Our team gives 100% for all of our clients!

BMD goes above and beyond for our customers and we always get the job done. The company aims to satisfy all needs and to perform as expected.